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Boise Bible College develops well-equipped leaders for the Lord's church who maintain a servant's heart, live with integrity, and hold a Biblical worldview as they serve the church.

We excel in preparing Christian leaders for all levels of church ministry and are an extension ministry of the local church as we equip individuals for a lifetime of Christian service. Our goal is for our students to remain free from debt so they can be free to serve.Your partnership, prayers and gifts help us accomplish this mission. Please consider making BBC a part of your monthly budget. Our Development staff is ready to assist and support you in any way possible. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.

BBC is located on a 16-acre campus at the Northwest edge of Boise, just south of the Boise River and only minutes from numerous opportunities for recreation, amusement, shopping and employment. The BBC campus is not only in a great location, it is continually being developed to accommodate a growing student body. How big will we get? That is in God's hands, but we believe we will be blessed with over 500 students in the not too distant future.

Boise Bible College began in 1945, with just a few students as a ministry of the First Church of Christ in Boise as a training school for ministers in the Pacific Northwest. BBC's primary mission remains the same -- to prepare Christians for a life of full-time ministry and leadership for the church in America and throughout the world.

Our college is not a part of any denominational system, but it is associated with and supported by independent congregations which are generally called Christian Churches or Churches of Christ. These churches call all Christians to unite behind the practices and teachings of the church described in the New Testament as a means of more effectively evangelizing the world.

The traditional goal of a college education was to provide a basic understanding of our complex world and the tools with which to respond creatively to life's challenges. Students at BBC learn to read, write, think, speak, and do research through studies in literature, language, history, the sciences, philosophy, and theology. Our students are given the experiences to help mature them into leaders capable of serving on any team with integrity, loyalty and discipline. They make a strong asset to any community or organization.

We offer Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Associate of Science degrees. Students may also pursue one-year Bible certificates or take advantage of one of the cooperative transfer agreements BBC has with other colleges and universities. The College is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) a CHEA recognized accrediting organization.

Campus activities include outlets of many sorts - drama, music and intramural sports to name a few. BBC has something for everyone. Our students find a home away from home in the dorms and a friend and support base that will stay with them for a lifetime.

"At BBC I am learning to put my love for Christ into action, which has allowed me to grow tremendously in my faith and confidence in sharing Christ's love wth others." ~ Sara Feaster

Flag football after classes at Boise Bible College
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