BBC Alumni while golfing Rick Deighton receiving service award

Boise Bible College Alumni

The alumni of BBC are the bloodline to our churches, our communities and our world. Our graduates and past students hold key positions in many countries and are major influences on current and future students. Alumni are the face of BBC and also greatly influence how school is perceived.

Alumni also, in a more formal way, accomplish the following:

  • Host the auction and reception during spring conference
  • Host the annual golf tournament
  • Generate funds for, and award scholarships
  • Plan and host local events such as socials, community projects and prayer breakfasts. Over six hundred past students and graduates serve in both community and pastoral positions all over the world.
  • Ministers/pastors
  • Senior ministers and preachers
  • Children, youth, small group and family ministers
  • Worship and music ministers
  • Audio/visual ministers
  • Missionaries and missionary support agencies
  • Academics: students, teachers, professors and administrators
  • Counselors
  • Chaplains: military, hospice, hospital and more
  • Medical personnel: physicians, health care providers, and more
  • Military: serving in the armed forces
  • General employment: from artists to zealots (there aren't many 'z' words)
  • connecting links to old and new friends

If you are an alumni, please keep in touch and let us know about what is happening in your life or in the lives of those you know. We always love hearing from you.

Alumni Dues

Your Alumni Association of BBC dues accomplish much more than you possibly realize. Your contribution helps to fund the Alumni Legacy Scholarships (over $47,000 since 2007) and provide encouragement for students and alumni in the following ways:

  • Providing the welcoming team that helps students move into their dorms.
  • Defraying the costs for Homecoming
  • Giving out 'new baby T-shirts'
  • Hosting local prayer gatherings and alumni events
  • Providing the Christmas Ornament Decorating Party for students
  • Arranging the 'Break from Finals' party
  • Distributing the 'Resource' the alumni newsletter

Prayerfully consider this invaluable support of the college.

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