Mission and Vision

BBC's Mission Statement

Boise Bible College logo with text mission statement underneathBBC’s current mission statement was adopted by the Board of Directors at their meeting in February of 2015 after a two-year process of study and dialogue by the administration, staff, and faculty. This mission statement incorporates significant wording changes from previous renditions, but is not intended to signal any significant departure from the historic mission of the college.

BBC's Vision Statement

At the same time the mission statement was adopted, the Board of Directors also adopted a revised vision statement. The new vision statement represents a clear departure from the one adopted in 2007. The 2007 statement approached the issue of vision from a marketing strategy to target our ideal prospective student, ideal supporting church, churches most likely to hire our graduates, etc. While the new vision statement paints a picture of what an educational experience at BBC would look and feel like under ideal circumstances.

Boise Bible College glorifies God by equipping servant leaders who build up the church to advance the gospel worldwide, under the lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture:

In an academic environment that:

  • Grounds students in timeless biblical truth
  • Challenges students to develop a biblical worldview
  • Honors the church and promotes ministry
  • Blends classroom instruction with experiential learning
  • Encourages Christ-like behavior
  • Demands excellence in all things

In a caring community that:

  • Encourages a passion for a lifetime of ministry
  • Challenges students to grow in knowledge, character, skills, and spirituality
  • Fosters self-awareness and self-reflection through honest dialogues
  • Develops a culture of discipleship
  • Depends on prayer

Through relationships with:

  • Local churches throughout the world
  • Practitioners who encourage and model innovated approaches to ministry
  • Field mentors in effective churches and organizations
  • Alumni who desire continued mentorship and guidance
  • Churches, organizations, and individuals that value BBC as a resource

BBC Core Values

The core values that were adopted in 2015 represent our first effort to articulate our institutional core values. To a great extent the core values can also be found embedded in our mission and vision statements.

  • The lordship of Christ
  • The authority of Scripture
  • Biblical literacy
  • Recruiting to a life of ministry
  • Christian character
  • Servant leadership
  • A culture of discipleship
  • Intentional in excellence
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Affordability of degree programs
  • Accountability to the local church
  • A resources to the local church
  • Ideals of the Restoration Movement
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