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Boise Bible College President Dr. Derek Voorhees Thanks for exploring the Boise Bible College website! We want to help you become better acquainted with this fine academic community made up of outstanding faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Our faculty members’ academic and ministry experiences enhance their ability to teach with expertise and mentor with understanding. Many of our staff and administrators have years of experience, allowing them to execute their craft with passion, purpose and genuine love for BBC. Students come to BBC eager to grow in the likeness of Christ and prepare to serve Christ's Church better, now and in the future. Our alumni are faithfully serving Christ's Church around the world as full-time and part-time staff members, volunteer leaders in the Church, as well as in many para-church organizations. The entire BBC family is committed to leading others to Christ so that God's Kingdom would expand around the globe!.

BBC exists to equip servant leaders for Christ's bride, the Church. BBC, as a para-church organization, is not Christ's bride but is just one of many bridesmaids being used to help beautify his Church for his return!

BBC was founded with the expressed purpose of preparing leaders for the Church. Based on principles and ideals found in the New Testament, BBC is committed to equipping in three ways: 1) to train students to learn how to handle the word of God accurately; 2) to desire to live out the character of Jesus with humility and selflessness; 3) to positively influence people with the love of God and make His name great.

The trio of academics, character, and leadership development is at the core of our focus to prepare leading servants for Christ's Church.

BBC is committed to quality Christian higher education at the undergraduate level. To that goal our classes and degrees equip students in an intentional culture, one that invites belonging in an accepting environment as each of us grows on this faith journey.

As you continue to peruse our website, I hope you will prayerfully consider becoming part of the BBC family as we aim to equip leaders for the Church so that God's saving hope would advance one person at a time.

Dr. Derek Voorhees

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