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Boise Bible College exists to prepare people for ministry. That means that at its core, BBC is an academic institution dedicated to raising up people of character who have a passion to lead people with a servant's heart.

Whether you intend to pursue full-time Christian ministry or have other pursuits in mind, BBC's degree programs are designed to help you develop skill sets that will last a lifetime and serve you well in your personal life and professional career.

One of the best ways to get a handle on what BBC's academic department is all about is to take the time to get the big picture by taking some time to study three critical pieces of information first. This will help you grasp the details of degree programs and graduation requirements.

  • First, take a look at the life experience of BBC's Faculty - We, of course, choose faculty who are academically qualified. Beyond that, however, we have put an emphasis on selecting individuals who have extensive experience working with people and have demonstrated a passion for ministry.
  • Second, get the big picture by glancing at the 'Goals We Believe You Can Achieve at BBC' chart in the Catalog
  • Finally, study the list of academic, character, and leadership competencies all degree programs are designed to develop.

Please see the additional information below as well as our Legal Notices.

Academic Policies (Click to Expand)

The most complete information regarding academic policies governing Boise Bible College can be found in the 'Academic Policies' section of the Catalog. Click here for legal notices that also have bearing on academic issues.

Below are listed some of the key issues students need to be aware of in order to successfully complete their course of study in a timely manner.

Catalogs and Degree Program Requirements

Students are subject to the degree program requirements listed in the Catalog at the time they first enroll at BBC. After their sophomore year, changing their major or degree program will move them under the program requirements of the most recent Catalog.

Transferring Credits and Challenging Courses at BBC

See the Catalog for details regarding the policies governing the transfer of credits into BBC.

Also see the Catalog for details on limits on the number of transfer credits applicable towards graduation.

Academic Integrity Policy

See the Catalog for BBC's Academic Integrity policy.

Grades, Grading Scale, Grade Point Averages

See the Catalog for details about BBC's grading policies.

Classification of Students

See the Catalog for details regarding the classification of students.

Class Attendance, Tardies, and Makeup Work

Class attendance is required. See the Catalog for details about how absences, tardies, and makeup work are handled.

Research Papers and Assignments

Most assignments at BBC must be typed. All papers must conform to BBC's Paper Formatting Guide. Click here for the guide and specifics on source documentation.

Accreditation and Recognition (Click to Expand)

Recognition by Governmental Agencies

BBC is recognized by the State Board of Education. Eligible students who attend BBC can qualify for Federal benefits offered through Title IV Student Aid, VA, and Social Security programs. BBC is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.


BBC is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), formerly known as the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges (5580 T. G. Lee Blvd, Suite 130, Orlando, FL 32822, phone 407-207-0808), a faith-based accrediting organization recognized by the Board of Education of the State of Idaho and by the Council on Higher Education Association (CHEA).

Recognition by Educational Institutions

Nearly all Christian colleges and seminaries are receptive to accepting our credits and degrees. Many highly-regarded colleges welcome our students. However, some schools discriminate against all Bible colleges and are reluctant to accept our credits. Furthermore, as with all collegiate institutions, transfer of credit often depends upon the program being pursued by the student and the quality of the work completed. Students planning to transfer from BBC to another institution should investigate the likelihood of transferring credits as early in the process as possible.

Disability Services (Click to Expand)

Students with physical or learning disabilities who require accommodations in order to access educational opportunities at BBC are encouraged to contact the registrar in a timely manner.

Documentation of diagnosis of a disability may be required in order to secure these services. Any documentation provided by the student will be used to determine what level of accommodation may be required and will be kept confidential.

BBC will make reasonable accommodations for qualified students in keeping with federal law and consistent with the academic integrity of the college.

Consortial Agreements (Click to Expand)

BBC has entered into a partnership agreement with Hope International University (HIU) that allows seniors who have maintained at least a 3.00 GPA to enroll in up to nine semester hours of HIU graduate coursework through BBC. Tuition will be paid through BBC. The students will be considered dually enrolled, earning both graduate credit with HIU and undergraduate credit at BBC.

Available courses are listed on the back of published line schedules, and students enroll in the courses at BBC through the normal registration process, and then submit a short Application for Admission to Hope International University by contacting the BBC Registrar’s Office.

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