Internships play a significant role in most academic programs at BBC. They are governed by a guiding principle that true internships involve a structured learning experience in the field under the supervision of a highly involved mentor.

Information for Students


Students are introduced to the internship protocols and handbooks during the PM 212 Sophomore Seminar class held each spring, which serves as a pre-requisite to any formal internship. Internship Handbooks serve as the official guides to successfully earning internship credits.

Steps to enroll in an internship.

1. Complete PM 212 Sophomore Seminar.

2. Secure an approved internship site.

3. Create a Learning Covenant in coordination with the Field Mentor and Faculty Supervisor.

4. Submit the approved learning covenant to Nadene Mack. Once the learning covenant is approved Nadene then registers the student for internship credit.

Internship Handbooks


Biblical Studies Internship Handbook

Christian Education Internship Handbook

Christian Teaching Internship Handbook

Helping Professions Internship Handbook

Intercultural Studies Internship Handbook

Preaching Ministry Internship Handbook

Worship - Chapel Practicum Internship Handbook

Worship - Conference Practicum Internship Handbook

Worship Ministry Internship Handbook

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Information for Field Mentors


Successful internships are the result of a partnership between the field mentors, the faculty supervisors, and the students. The effectiveness of that partnership has as much to do with the success of an internship experience as does the work ethic and competencies of the interns.

BBC works hard to direct students to field mentors who have demonstrated a passion for working alongside the faculty supervisor in coaching, correcting, and encouraging the next generation of leaders.

Persons who would like to invest in the lives of students by being a field mentor are encouraged to first read the Field Mentor Handbook and then to submit a Field Mentor Application.

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