Registrar's Office

Transferring Credits Into BBC


Transcript(s) of previous college work are officially evaluated by the registrar's office once students have started the enrollment process and have identified the degree program they wish to pursue. The registrar's office will provide a detailed explanation of what courses were transferred in and what requirements those courses will fulfill.

See the catalog for details regarding the policies governing the transfer of credits into BBC.

Also see the catalog for details on limits on the number of transfer credits applicable towards graduation.

Academic Advising


Students are assigned an academic advisor to assist in their course and degree planning. Advisors are there to provide helpful guidance. It is the student's responsibility, however, to insure that all requirements have been met prior to the deadline for graduation.

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Registering for Courses


Pre-registration Process

New students are pre-registered for recommended courses (based on their choice of degree, ACT or SAT scores, previous college credit, and other factors) by the Registrar’s office. New students may adjust these courses prior to registration by contacting the Registrar’s office.

Pre-registration for all other students happens during a two-week window toward the end of each semester. The first step of the process is to select courses in ASLAN (BBC's student information system). The second is to set up an appointment with their advisor through the appointment scheduler.

Click below to log on to ASLAN


Click here to schedule a pre-registration appointment. (Link only active at certain times of the year)

Fall 2015 Registration

Returning Students

New Students

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Completing Registration


The final steps of the registration process are held on campus over a two- or three-day period just prior to the start of classes each semester. BBC uses registration appointment slots to even the flow and prevent long lines.

Click here to schedule a pre-registration appointment. (Link only active at certain times of the year)

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Changes of Registration (adding or dropping a course)


Changes in registration are governed by a variety of policies and can have implications for financial aid and refunds. See the catalog for details.

Click here to download a Change of Registration form.

Grades, Grading Symbols, Grade Point Averages


Grades are posted in ASLAN (BBC's student information system) when grades are finalized by the instructor.

See the catalog for details regarding grading symbols and how grade point averages are calculated.

Classification of Students


See the catalog for details regarding the classification of students.

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See the catalog for details regarding graduation requirements and procedures.

Students who intend to graduate must fill out an Application for Graduation form and pay their graduation fee.

BBC has one graduation ceremony each year. It is held at 7 PM on the Friday following spring semester final exams.

BBC's graduation ceremony is held at Eagle Christian Church (100 Short Rd., Eagle, ID 83616 ).

Transcript Requests


Requests for official transcripts must be made by submitting a Transcript Request Form and paying a small fee. Graduates who have earned a four-year degree pay no fees for transcripts in the first year following graduation.

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