Orientation and Registration

College Orientation

Orientation begins the first week of classes to acquaint you with our facilities, personnel, and programs. The schedule includes instructional sessions, proficiency exams, and times for entertainment and fellowship. All new degree-seeking students (including transfer students) must attend orientation and take the proficiency exams.

After the first week of classes, Bible College Navigator will meet once per month to continue your acclimation to BBC.


Usually two days are allotted to finalize registration and to secure your I.D., books, and any needed permits. The dates are listed on the college calendar on page 4. Registration takes place in the Crane Chapel.

Academic Advisors

You will be assigned an academic advisor to assist in your course and degree planning.

Warning: While your advisor provides helpful guidance, it is the responsibility of the student alone to insure that all requirements have been met prior to the deadline for graduation.

Late Registration

Students who are late in registering for classes must pay a late registration fee. They also are responsible for absences and the assignments they have missed


Certain proficiency may be required during Orientation. Late fees may be assessed if you fail to take these tests at the posted times.

Class Line Schedule

Line Schedules are available through the Academic office. The College retains the right to revise the schedule or drop courses as it deems necessary.


Pre-registration for returning students is held at the close of each semester. New students pre-register at times set up by the admissions office.

Changes of Registration

Change of Registration Process

All changes of registration, such as dropping or adding courses or chang ing from credit to audit or audit to credit, are made on an official Change-of-Registration form available at the Academic Office. Instructions are on the form.

You are responsible for initiating the change of registration, obtaining the necessary approving signatures and submitting them, together with the fee, to the book keeper.

Change of Registration Notations

Changes of registration made on the first week of class are not listed on your transcript. Changes in registration in the following weeks use these notations.

W = Withdrawal-Courses dropped in the second and third week of class (second through sixth weeks for freshmen) receive this notation. It has no effect on your GPA.

WP= Withdrawal while passing the course (no effect on your GPA).

WF= Withdrawal while failing the course (calcu-lated into your GPA as an 'F').

FW= Failure to withdraw (calculated into your GPA as an 'F').

Deadlines for Changes of Registration

Except under very unusual circumstances, no course may be added after the fourth week of classes.

After the third week of a traditional format course (sixth week for first year students), if you are failing a course when you change your status to that of an auditor, you will receive a WF grade for the course. In the case of block classes, this policy is effective after the fourth class session of a course (for freshmen, after the sixth session of a two-credit course or the seventh session of a three-credit course).

No changes of registration are permitted after the tenth week of traditional-format classes. No changes of registration are permitted after the ninth session of two-credit block classes or the eleventh session of three-credit block classes.

Effective Date for Changes of Registration

The effective date of the change is the date when the completed form and applicable fee are received by the Business Office. It is important to complete the process quickly as refund schedules are also affected by the official date of the change.

Change of Major or Program

Any change of major or program after the completion of your sophomore year will require that you become subject to the current catalog including its program and graduation requirements.