Class Work

Credit Hour

One credit hour of work represents satisfactory attendance and performance in a course meeting one fifty-minute period each week for one semester. Certain classes (e.g., Concert Choir) receive fewer credit hours than the number of hours they meet each week because there is less out-of-class work. Only two hours of Physical Education and a maximum of six hours of Internship credit can be applied toward a degree.

Academic Work Load

Graduation with a degree requires a minimum of 64 or 128 semester hours of work, depending on the degree being sought. An average academic load of sixteen hours each semester is required to complete the degree program in the normal time frame. Students accepted on a probationary basis or on academic probation are generally required to reduce their class load.

Over the course of a semester successful students generally spend around two hours in personal study for each hour they spend in class. Taking many one- and two- hour classes tends to be more demanding than taking several three- and four-hour classes.

Full-time students should limit employment hours to no more than twenty hours per week. Freshmen should be particularly careful about work loads until they have adjusted to their college responsibilities.


Final and mid-semester examination times are scheduled. A specific schedule is posted for finals. Your finals may not be taken at any other time without the approval of the Academic Dean. Should you desire to reschedule other major exams, you must request and receive approval for a special exam time from the faculty member.

Research Papers and Assignments

Faculty are authorized to require that all papers prepared outside the classroom be done on a typewriter or printer. See the faculty or the course syllabi for details on specific requirements.

All formal research papers must conform to the current edition of the official style manual (available on the college website). Papers will be penalized or rejected for failure to follow the correct format and for errors in grammar. We live among people who have come to expect top quality written and oral presentations.

Class Format

Most classes at BBC meet one to four times per week, depending on the number of credit hours, for 50-minute class periods. (A small number of two-credit classes meet one day a week in back-to-back periods.) These classes meet for sixteen weeks spanning the entire semester.

About one-third of classes at BBC are offered in “block” or “compressed” format. These classes meet during the first class period of the day (8:00 to 10:20 am) for either the first half or the last half of a semester. Three-credit block classes meet 17 times (16 class sessions plus the final exam) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for half a semester. Two-credit block classes meet 12 times (11 class sessions plus the final exam) on Tuedays and Thursdays for half a semester.

A small number of classes, usually one-credit seminars, meet during longer sessions over a single weekend. Dates and times for such classes are posted at the beginning of each semester.

Class Attendance

Required Attendance

Like many private colleges, we require class attendance. We believe in the value of the teacher-student relationship and the discipline involved in being in class regularly and on time. We are interested not only in your intellectual attainment, but also in the development of your character.

Absences and Tardies

Policies vary with each faculty member, but all are required to factor attendance into their grading plan. Three (3) tardies are counted as one absence.

Any tardy over 15 minutes in length constitutes an absence. Leaving class early may also be charged as a tardy.

Students are permitted to leave class without being considered absent if the teacher or a designated substitute has not arrived within the first fifteen minutes of the class session.

Makeup Work

You are responsible for taking the initiative in making arrangements with faculty members to make up work missed. They have the option of requiring additional work or of disallowing any makeup work.