The BBC curriculum provides a logical and systematic path for students to follow in their pursuit of their educational goals. But students often have difficulty seeing where they are on that path, especially when they are focused on passing a particular test or meeting a looming deadline. BBC uses "Waypoints" to address this issue.

Waypoint is a navigational term used to identify an intermediate point on a route. In the days before navigation by GPS, waypoints were often remarkable natural landmarks that encouraged the traveler to stop for a moment. Waypoints mark progress on a journey. They prompt the traveler to look toward the next intermediate goal, get new bearings, and muster up the motivation to keep on toward the destination.

At BBC, Waypoints help students mark progress on their educational journey, make sense of what they are experiencing, and make wise personal choices that will enhance the value of the education they are receiving. Some Waypoints involve academic courses. Other components are non-credit and non-academic. A significant aspect of Waypoints is that they encourage self-reflection, dialogue with fellow students, and dialogue with faculty.

Freshman Waypoints

Bible College Navigator

This course is designed to help students understand the overall academic process:

  • Orientation to college life
  • Understanding the implications of one’s learning styles
  • Introduction to academic terminology and to the concept of competencies.
  • Mid-semester self-assessment and personal performance review.
  • Explanation of degree programs
  • Encouragement of a healthy approach to fulfilling program requirements

Christian Life

This class stresses a life of submission and devotion to God and explains BBC’s character competencies:

  • Devotion to God
  • Gentleness
  • Integrity (Honesty)
  • Relationship to Assets
  • Self-Giving
  • Self-Discipline
  • Sexual Purity
  • Speech
  • Submission to Authority

Freshman Class Meetings

A faculty advisor meets with the freshman class each month to:

  • Help students interpret their experiences.
  • Prepare them for upcoming events and potential morale busters.
  • Help students keep in mind their goals for coming to BBC.

Sophomore Waypoints

Sophomore Class Meetings

The sophomore year can be difficult because the novelty of being at college has worn off. The sophomore faculty advisor meets with the class each month to encourage the students.

Sophomore Seminar

This course attempts to help students develop self-awareness and to prepare them for internships.

  • Self-assessment using BBC competencies.
  • Identifying implications of one’s personality style.
  • Introduction to terminology of emotional intelligence.
  • Developing a personal growth plan.
  • Preparing for internships
  • Tools for “self-advising.”
  • Exit guidance for AS graduates.

Upperclassman Waypoints

Junior Summit

Junior Summit is a retreat open only to juniors that emphasizes ministry in a team environment:

  • Self-awareness of leadership potential and leadership style.
  • Defining personal gaps in team situations.
  • Updating one’s personal growth plan.

Senior Capstone

This course is designed to help the senior look past graduation to make needed preparations for what lies beyond BBC.

  • Reviewing personal progress (internship evaluations, past assessments, growth goals).
  • Self-assessment on BBC Competencies.
  • Development of a senior plan for the final year of school and the first months after graduation.
  • Exit questionnaires and focus-group debriefs, leading to dialogue with faculty about the BBC experience.
  • Exit interview, a dialogue with faculty about the senior plan.