Christian Teaching Program

Program Objectives

The Christian Teaching strong minor is designed to help you accomplish several goals:

  1. You will be able to effectively plan, organize, and develop instructional curriculum, and/or evaluate and revise curriculum.
  2. You will be able to utilize effective classroom management skills and develop a positive learning environment for students.
  3. You will be able to develop and teach effective lessons by using effective educational models, methods, activities, and strategies.
  4. You will broaden your relational skills for effective interaction with students, collaboration with fellow instructors, and communication with parents.
  5. You will develop a sound philosophy of Christian education based upon biblical principles integrated with educational theory to meet the developmental, educational, and spiritual needs of students.
  6. You will be prepared to seek teacher certification by means of the ABCTE Certification Program or by entrance in a Master of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching program leading to teacher certification.


The Christian Teaching strong minor is combined with the General Education core and the Bible major to complete the program requirements of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The strong minor is made up of five components:

  1. Christian Ministries Core, a series of courses which give you exposure to a broad range of ministry fields and develop your ministry skills and outlook in a systematic way.
  2. Christian Teaching Core, a series of courses designed to teach essential skills for anyone working in the field of Christian teaching.
  3. Ministry Electives, an opportunity for you to diversify your curriculum by taking courses in a ministry field other than Christian teaching or to augment your Christian teaching degree by taking additional courses in that field.
  4. Observation, an opportunity for you to learn Christian teaching through observation in a “live” environment.
  5. Open Electives, which allow you to fill out your curriculum with courses from any field depending on your career goals and interests.

Achieving Certification

See page 70 for information about steps to becoming a certified teacher after completing this program.

General Education Core (40 credits)

See pages 40-41 for program descriptions.

The following course is required to fulfill the Social Science requirement (see pages 40-41) in the Christian Teaching program:

SOCI 2110

General Psychology


Bible Major (45 credits)

See pages 40-41 for program descriptions.


Christian Teaching Strong Minor (43 credits)

Christian Ministries Core (17 credits)

CEDU 1010

Introduction to Christian Education


ICST 1010

Foundations for Mission


ICST 1020

Contemporary Missions Survey


MINS 1010

Christian Life


WSHP 1010

Planning and Designing Worship


MINS 2010

Sophomore Seminar


MINS 2110

Personal Evangelism


MINS 2210

Communicating Biblical Truth


PRCH 2210

Introduction to Preaching (men)


MINS 2220

Women’s Ministry (women)


MINS 2310

History of the Restoration Movement


MINS 4010

Senior Capstone


Christian Teaching Core (17 credits)

CEDU 2210

Principles of Instruction


CEDU 3210

Advanced Teaching


PSYC 3210

Developmental Psychology


CEDU 3310

Curriculum Development


CEDU 3410

History & Philosophy of Education


CECT 3812

Classroom Practicum


CECT 3822

Teaching Practicum


CEDU 4210

Educational Psychology


Ministry Electives (3 credits)

With guidance from your academic advisor and department head, choose 3 credits from any ministry field which fit your career goals and interests.

Ministry Electives


Internship (2 credits)

CECT 48_



Open Electives (4 credits)

Open Electives (may include any course offered)



Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Christian Teaching