Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership

General Education Core (68 credits)

Prior College Credit (60 credits)

From previous degree or college work


Language and Communication (9 credits)

Your previous degree or college work must include credit in the following disciplines:

  • Languages
  • Communication
  • Natural Sciences (or Mathematics)
  • Social Sciences
  • History

Additional general education courses may be required at

BBC if your previous work is lacking in any of these areas.

Philosophy (5 credits)

PHIL 1010

Christian Ethics


PHIL 2010

Christian Apologetics


History (6 credits)

HIST 2010

Survey of Church History



Bible Major (16 credits)

Bible (10 credits)

BBLE 1010

Journey Through the Bible


BBNT 1010

New Testament Introduction


BBOT 1010

Old Testament Introduction


BBNT 1110

Acts of the Apostles


BBNT 22__

Life of Christ(Choose two of three sections)


BBNT 3010

1, 2 Timothy & Titus


BBOT 3010

History of Isreal


Theology (6 credits)

BBTH 1010

Survey of Bible Doctrine


BBTH 2010

Biblical Interpretation and Resources


BBTH 4010

Advanced Bible Doctrine



Guided Studies (29 credits)

Christian Ministries Core (17 credits)

CEDU 1010

Introduction to Christian Education


ICST 1010

Foundations for Missions


ICST 1020

Contemporary Missions Survey


MINS 2110

Personal Evangelism


MINS 2210

Communicating Biblical Truth


PRCH 2210

Introduction to Preaching (men)


MINS 2310

History of the Restoration Movement


MINS 4010

Senior Capstone


Guided Electives (12 credits)

This block of electives must be patterned after the requirements of one of the minors available in the Christian Ministry program. Courses should be selected in consultation with your academic advisor and must be approved by the registrar


Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership


The Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership is designed to help those students who have already earned a Bachelors Degree or a qualifying level of college credit to achieve several goals:

  1. You will gain broad working knowledge of the Bible.
  2. You will develop your ability to work more effectively in non-vocational leadership roles in the church.
  3. You will develop your personal faith and proficiency in leading others to Christ.
  4. By making strategic use of your guided electives, this program can prepare you to (more than one may apply):
    1. Succeed in graduate seminary training.
    2. Be accurate and effective in teaching or preaching God’s Word.
    3. Serve effectively in an entry-level paid ministry position.


The Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership is a professional degrees which is designed for students who already hold a Bachelors Degree from another college or university or who have earned 60 credits of appropriate and transferable general education courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership has three components

  1. General Education Core, which includes a block of 60 general education credits which are transferred from your previous degree or college work. Your previous work must include broad experience in languages, communications, natural sciences or mathematics, social sciences, philosophy, and history. If your previous college work is lacking in any of these areas, you may be required to take additional general education courses at BBC. Also included are a mix of courses in philosophy and history which will help ground you in a biblical worldview.
  2. Bible Major, a 31-credit series of courses which progresses from introductory to advanced studies in theology and the Bible.
  3. Guided Studies, a 29-credit series of courses based on the specific field of ministry you choose as a student to pursue. This block of courses will be patterned after the requirements of a minor in one of BBC’s traditional four-year degrees on pages 55-57.