AS Bible Program

Program Objectives

The Bible concentration is designed to help you accomplish two goals:

  1. You will enrich your personal life and ministry with a broader knowledge of the Bible.
  2. You will work more effectively in the teaching ministry of the Church.


The Bible concentration is combined with the General Education core and the Bible core to complete the program requirements of an Associate of Science degree. The concentration is made up of four components:

  1. Christian Ministries Core, a series of courses which give you exposure to a range of ministry fields and develop your ministry skills and outlook in a systematic way.
  2. Bible Core, a series of courses designed to teach basic skills for teaching Bible and theology in ministry settings.
  3. Bible Electives, an opportunity for you to focus your studies on biblical and theological issues which are of special interest to you and to strengthen your ability to properly exegete the Word of God.
  4. Ministry Electives, an opportunity for you to diversify your curriculum by taking courses in a ministry field of interest to you.

General Education Core (23 credits)

See page 62 for program description.


Bible Core (16 credits)

See page 62 for program description.


Bible Concentration (25 credits)

Christian Ministries Core (9 credits)

CEDU 1010

Introduction to Christian Education


MINS 1010

Christian Life


MINS 2010

Sophomore Seminar


MINS 2110

Personal Evangelism


MINS 2310

History of the Restoration Movement


Applied Bible Core (6 credits)

BBNT 20_

Life of Christ (choose one of three sections)


CEDU 2210

Principles of Instruction


MINS 2210

Communicating Biblical Truth


PRCH 2210

Introduction to Preaching (men)


MINS 2220

Women’s Ministry (women)


Bible Electives (8 credits)

Old Testament Electives


Bible (OT or NT) or Theology Electives


Ministry Electives (2 credits)

With guidance from your academic advisor, choose 2 credits from any ministry field which fit your career goals and personal preferences.

Ministry Electives



Associate of Science in Bible