Bible Certificate/Graduate Certifications


The Bible Certificate is designed to help you achieve several goals:

  1. You will be enriched in your spiritual life.
  2. You will grow in your knowledge of the Bible.
  3. Through the wise use of your electives, you will be more effective in your service to Christ and His Church.


The Bible Certificate is a program for students who plan to only spend one year in a Bible college environment before moving on to the next phase of their education, career, or life. While not an actual college degree, the Bible Certificate is designed to give a sense of purpose to your studies and a sense of completion once the year is through.

A Bible Certificate has two components:

  1. Bible Certificate Core, a 16-credit series of courses which covers general studies in theology, the Bible, ministry, and Christian worldviews.
  2. Electives, a block of credits which, within certain limitations, you can choose based on your personal goals and interests.

Bible Certificate Core (16 credits)

Bible (10 credits)

BBLE 1010

Journey Through the Bible


BBNT 1010

New Testament Introduction


BBOT 1010

Old Testament Introduction


BBNT 1110

Acts of the Apostles


Theology (3 credits)

BBTH 1010

Survey of Bible Doctrine - Old Testament


Christian Ministry (1 credit)

MINS 1010

Christian Life


Philosophy (2 credits)

PHIL 1010

Christian Ethics



Electives (12 credits)

Guided Electives (12 credits)

With guidance from your academic advisor, choose 12 credits from this list which fit your career goals and personal preferences.

GENL 1010

Bible College Navigator


COMM 1010

Public Speaking


ENGL 1010

English Grammar & Composition


ENGL 1020

Research & Writing


1000- or 2000 level Bible or ministry electives


Bible Certificate (28 credits)

Achieving Teacher Certification

BBC students who wish to enter the teaching profession with certification are encouraged to take one of the following paths:

  1. Secure a B.S. degree in Christian Teaching (page 58), then apply for entrance into a Master's of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching program from a graduate school to achieve certification. This path can be completed within twelve to eighteen months of graduation from BBC, depending on the program and graduate school.
  2. Secure a B.S. in Christian Teaching, then complete the Passport to Teaching program through the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence.

These paths can lead to placement in both public and private schools. See the professor of Christian Education for details about these paths to teacher certification.

Certification for elementary education is the easiest to achieve with the paths above. Certification for secondary education will require 15 hours of course work in your primary field of instruction (history, math, etc.) at another institution. These hours can be incorporated into the block of elective hours built into the Christian Teaching minor or taken at the graduate level.

Students seeking teacher certification must be able to pass all required standardized tests required by graduate schools and state boards of education to become certified.

Achieving Certification in Helping Professions

BBC graduates can achieve certification in counseling through Master’s level programs available at several institutions. We recommend the Master’s programs in counseling at the following institutions that welcome our students: Cincinnati Christian University (Cincinnati, OH), Hope International University (Fullerton, CA), Johnson Bible College (Knoxville, TN), Lincoln Christian Seminary (Lincoln, IL), and George Fox University (Newberg, OR).

Students seeking the BA/BS Helping Professions degree (page 59) should be aware that, with slight variations, all states require a minimum of a Master’s degree in counseling to be properly certified as a professional counselor. However, past graduates of BBC who chose not to acquire a Master’s degree in counseling have found employment as volunteer “counselors” at crisis pregnancy centers or children’s services centers. Some graduates have found employment with organizations that provide Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (PSR) services, but the student should be informed that the qualifications for these jobs may vary according to each organization’s requirements. Some minimal additional training and experience may be required for PSR or similar positions. We encourage Helping Professions students to earn a minimum of 21 counseling/psychology credits in their degree to help in qualifying for PSR or similar employment.

Articulation Agreements with Hope International University

Entrance into HIU Education Program for A.S. Christian Education graduates

Boise Bible College and Hope International University (Fullerton, CA) have a cooperative program which allows a student who has earned an A.S. in Christian Education (page 63) at BBC to transfer into the education program at HIU without significant loss of credit. See your advisor for details.

Dual-Enrollment Transitions courses for Graduate credit

An agreement with Hope International University allows qualifying BBC seniors to take up to 9 credits of online courses through HIU during their senior year at BBC. These Transitions courses would apply both to the student's degree at BBC as well as to a Master of Arts in Ministry at HIU.

BBC students with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 who wish to take advantage of this program must apply to HIU and be conditionally accepted no later than the first semester of their senior year, meeting all the standard requirements for admission into HIU’s graduate program (pending completion of their bachelor’s degree). Tuition is paid through BBC; students are responsible for the purchase of textbooks and related course materials.

Interested students should consult their academic advisor to determine which Transitions courses best meet their degree requirements at BBC and to begin the application process.