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Guest Speakers

BBC is blessed to have many high-quality and well-prepared speakers that will challenge and educate your congregation. By contacting the Outreach Coordinator’s office we can arrange a speaker for you to fill in during a time of vacation or a family emergency in both the pulpit and classroom. Both professors and gifted staff are ready and willing to serve.

BBC does not set a fee for such services, but trusts the local church to help meet the expenses of travel, effort and time for the speaker. BBC does pay for those that do serve in this capacity. The Outreach office will be able to give you an estimate for whatever your needs would be.

Speakers for Special Events

In a similar vein, our faculty and staff are willing to lead special workshops or seminars on a variety of topics. Their expertise and experience on the front lines of ministry are reflected in their teaching. Here is a partial list of topics that BBC can help provide:

  • Biblical studies in both Old and New Testament
  • Marriage enrichment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Worship
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Stewardship and finances
  • Prayer
  • Worldviews
  • Missions
  • Apologetics

Particular topics and direction can be determined that would be of most help to your situation.

Contact the Outreach Coordinator through email or by calling BBC at 208.376.7731.

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