A Birthday

The BBC Student Life office would like to help you send a special birthday greeting to your BBC student on their birthday ... A Birthday Surprise!.

We offer this special delivery service to the families of our BBC students. For only $15.00 we will deliver a local restaurant gift card, which will be placed in a decorated gift bag along with a birthday hat, horn, candy, and baloons. The package will be delivered for you along with your personal greeting on or very close to your student's birthday.

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Use the online order form and pay via credit card
  2. Print out the order form
      including ALL necessary information,
    • Prepare a personal note or card.
    • Please place your order two weeks in advance, if possible.
    • Send a check along with the form and personal message to:

      A Birthday Surprise!
      BBC Student Life Department
      8695 W. Marigold St. Boise, ID 83714

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the BBC Student Life Office at 208-376-7731

This thoughtful gesture will add such a special touch to your student's birthday. This is a project of the BBC Student Life Department and any excess funds will be used for Student Life activities.

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