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At BBC we are concerned with the spiritual growth as well as developing leadership in all of our students both inside and outside the classroom. The following opportunities are provided in order to promote an environment that encourages spiritual and leadership growth on campus:

Spiritual and Leadership Development


In the midst of our formal academic studies, our chapel times provide an important time of community in the development of our relationship with each other and with God. Students actively participate in Chapel by: leading worship, drama, speaking, and providing audio/visual assistance

Image Team

Image Team is a group of chosen students who travel to churches in the Northwest to provide worship during the serve and represent BBC. Students may apply to be on the Image Team each year.


All BBC students are encouraged to participate in committees organized and led by students with interests in special areas of development and service. The following committees provide an opportunity for every student to be involved: Spiritual Emphasis, Missions Emphasis, Service, Media, and Sports.

Student Organizations

Associated Students of Boise Bible College (ASBBC) is the officially recognized student government organization on campus. The ASBBC has the following committees to help accomplish its mission on campus: Spiritual Life Committee, Missions Committee, Service Committee, Media Committee, Athletics Committee, and Chapel Committee.


Due to BBC’s size and geographic locations, we do not participate in an intercollegiate athletics program. We do, however, make our best effort to offer as many athletic opportunities as possible through intramurals such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, and running teams. In addition, we have a small gym on campus.

Christian Service

If you are enrolled for six or more credit hours, you must report to the Christian Service Director on your involvement in a local congregation. A non-credit pass/fail (P/F) grade is placed on your transcript for each semester you are required to be involved in Christian Service. Students enrolled in Internships are exempt from the Christian Service requirement.

Student Devotions

Each Thursdays student lead devotions take place with a message and worship from peers.

Involvement in a Local Church

By the end of eight weeks, it is expected that you will have selected one congregation as your new church home and have some responsibility to serve. In choosing a church be sure to consider transportation, the need (both theirs and yours), and the opportunities for service.

On-Campus Events

All-Campus Raft Trip

This takes place during registration weekend. The entire college is invited to go rafting as we get to know each other and have fun before school begins.

All-Campus Retreat

The historical purpose of the All Campus Retreat was to build relationships between BBC faculty and incoming freshman. Overtime All Campus Retreat developed into uniting incoming students into the BBC family as a whole. As such, it is a time of particular spiritual focus and community fellowship that is an important part of the BBC culture. Incoming freshman are required to attend the All Campus Retreat. Families of students are welcome to join the student body for the All Campus Retreat; to defray the cost, there is a $25 fee per family member.

Spiritual Emphasis and Missions Emphasis Week(s)

These weeks are scheduled in the fall and spring semesters and organized by student committees. These weeks focus on spiritual growth and serve as hinge points for the yearly chapel theme.

Fall Banquet

The sophomore class sponsors an annual event during the fall semester. This event includes food of some kind and is typically an informal party atmosphere.

Winter Banquet

The Winter Banquet is a long-standing tradition at BBC. The tradition was started over thirty years ago by the Zelotai club as a formal “Sweetheart” dinner on the Friday preceding Valentine’s Day. Today, the Freshman class sponsors the dinner on an evening in early February. It is typically a formal occasion that the entire student body, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend.

Spring Banquet

To honor the graduation class, every year the junior class and non-graduating seniors sponsor the Spring Banquet two weeks before graduation. A number of the BBC family are recognized for outstanding achievements and seniors traditionally give a “last will and testament.” Typically formal.

Connect Middle School Conference

Connect is a special time during the academic year to entire and inspire young people. This event gives potential students a first-hand look at the academic, spiritual, and social experience at BBC. Students are invited to take part in planning and leading parts of the program. Campus residents may be asked to house out-of-town guests during this weekend.

Preview High School Conference

Preview is a special time during the academic year to encourage and inspire young people. This event gives potential students a first-hand look at the academic, spiritual, and social experience at BBC. Students are invited to take part in planning and leading parts of the program. Campus residents may be asked to house out-of-town guests during this weekend.

Summer Global Missions Camp

We offer a summer camp for high school students to get an opportunity to serve Boise as well as gives potential students a first-hand look at BBC. BBC students are invited to take part in planning and leading parts of the program.

Senior Skip Day

Perhaps the longest standing tradition among the BBC student body is Senior Skip Day. Each spring the senior class chooses a date that the entire college family “skips” classes for a day of recreation, food, and fellowship.

Spring Conference

BBC hosts the annual Spring Conference in May. The academic, spiritual, and social importance of the event allows the college to include the conference in semester studies. The programs run all day and the BBC community and guests have the opportunity to listen outstanding speakers from all over the country. Students may serve in several ways at the conference.

Mission Trips

Boise Bible College offers many opportunities for students to serve and connect with mission organizations both in the United States and Worldwide by attending ICOM (International Conference on Missions) every year as well as connecting them personally with organizations through our Intercultural Studies Department. BBC has had students travel to Germany, Chile, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, and many more!

Student Employment

On-campus Employment

There are some on-campus jobs available to students such as library, grounds, The Lion’s Den Coffee Shop, and cafeteria. However, most are offered to upper classmen. Please fill out the online student employment form for these jobs.

Camp Representatives

Camp Reps travel during the summer as Admissions Office staff to different camps in the Northwest and Southwest to recruit students to BBC. Students may apply to be a camp rep each year.

Off-campus Employment

In addition, there are many jobs available within walking distance that welcome Boise Bible College students such as Wal-Mart, Sonic, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Ross, Albertsons, Emerson, The Reel Theatre, and Fred Meyer.

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