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Chapel services are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and are required for full time students. If you have missed a chapel service, listen to the sermon recording (if available) and fill out the form here.

To expand a section and view the available recordings for a specific month, please click on the header for that month.

Chapel recordings

Fall 2018
August 2018: Community & the Spirit
Tue Aug. 28
President Dr. Derek Voorhees - Our Core Values
Thu Aug. 30
Cody Christensen - Eph. 5:21 Community
September 2018: Community & the Spirit
Tue Sept. 4
Silas Moe, Baker City Christian - Eph. 5:18 Spirit Filled
Thu Sept. 6
Jessica Wilson - Eph. 5:19 Spirit Filled Worship
Fri Sept. 7
Dr. John Whittaker - Student Retreat session 1
Sat Sept. 8
Dr. John Whittaker - Student Retreat session 2
Sat Sept. 8
Dr. John Whittaker - Student Retreat session 3
Tue Sept. 11
Josh Branham, Hill City
Thu Sept. 13
CCCV Q&A w/ Dr. Voorhees
Tue Sept. 18
Jake Wright, Hill City
Thu Sept. 20
Rebecca Hasegawa - Hezekiah: Isolated Leadership
Fri Sept. 28
CONNECT 18 - Free to Stand Strong, Erin Johnston
Sat Sept 29
CONNECT 18 - Free to Love, Erin Johnston
October 2018: Liabilities VS Liberation
Tue Oct. 2
David Case: Prioritizing TASK
Thu Oct. 4
David Case: Prioritizing TRUST
Tue Oct. 19
Russell Grove - Pride
Thu Oct. 11
Jeff Snell, Johnson Univsersity - Ambition
Thu Oct. 16
No Chapel: October Recess
Tue Oct. 18
Kevin Dooley, I.C.O.M. - Personal Morality
Thu Oct. 23
Jakob King, Eagle Christian - Fear
Tue Oct. 25
Spiritual Conversations - Camp Reps
Tue Oct. 30
Russell Clum
November 2018: Liabilities VS Liberation
Thu Nov. 1
Matt Ahearn, Eagle Christian - Scripture
Tue Nov. 6
Nick Duffel - The Man in the Mirror
Thu Nov. 8
Ross Knudsen - Faith
Tue Nov 13
Spiritual Conversations - Which value will you work on?
Tue Nov 20
Danny Harrod, ICOM Response Chapel
Tue Nov. 27
Ben & Melissa Williams - Blue Christmas
Thur Nov.29
Senior Logan Stinebaugh - Zechariah
December 2018: The Spirit in Christmas
Tue Dec. 4
Senior Josh Anderson - Elizabeth
Thu Dec. 6
Senior Jacob Hartman - Mary
Thu Dec. 11
Senior Gabe Hetherington - Simeon & Anna
Thu De. 13
Spiritual Conversations
Spring 2018
January 2018: Investment: A Paragigm for Multiplication
Tue Jan, 16
Dr. Cody Christensen
Thu Jan, 18
Dr. Derek Voorhees, Investment: The Three D's
Tue Jan, 23
Randy Bourn, Disciple: BE
Thu Jan, 25
Mike Maglish - INsideOUT, Disciple: DO
Tue Jan, 30
Senior - Chandler Schultz, Discipleship
February 2018: Investment: A Paradigm for Multiplication
Thu Feb, 1
John Whittaker, Discipleship:
Tue Feb, 6
Senior - Katie Johnston, Disciple Making
Thu Feb, 8
Senior - Katy Allen, Disciple Making
Tue Feb, 13
Danny Harrod, Missions Emphasis week intro
Tue Feb,20
Missions Emphasis Week
Thur Feb, 22
Missions Emphasis Week
Tue Feb, 27
Vance Russell
March 2018: Investment Begins Within ...
Thu Mar, 1
Senior - Savannah Narron
Tue Mar, 6
Justin Jordan - Model: Love & Grace
Thu Mar, 8
Prof. Jessica Wilson - Model: Worship
Tue Mar, 13
Matt Ahearn - Model: godliness
Thu Mar, 15
Keith Twigg - Model: contentment
Tue Mar, 20
Senior - Isaac Hirtle, Relationship Role - Above Reproach
Thu Mar, 22
Seniors - Triston Leovy & Payton Hirtle, Relationship Role - Godly Function
April 2018: A Study of 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus
Tue Apr, 3
Ross Knudsen, Character Sketch: Titus
Thu Apr, 5
Senior - Josh Austin - Persevere: Fulfill Your Ministry
Tue Apr, 10
Chris Wilson - Pass it on
Thu Apr, 12
Senior - Brian Crase, Purity: Leading and Living
Tue Apr, 17
Bren Angelos - Preserve: Order and Qualified Leadership
Thu Apr, 19
Nick Duffell - Power: Influence and Invest in Family
Tue Apr, 24
Dr. Cody Christensen, Year Wrap UP
Tue Apr, 26
Student Body President - Jenna Ellis, Servant Awards
May 2018:
Final Exams - No Chapel
Spring Conference is May 8-10
Fall 2017
August 2017: Influence and Investment
Tue Aug. 22
President Dr. Derek Voorhees, Influence: Leading Servant
Thu Aug. 24
Cody Christensen, Investment: Godly Community
Tue Aug. 29
Jake Wright, Moses: Flexible Strategist
Thu Aug 31
Ben Williams, Joshua & Caleb: Faithful Founders
September 2017: Influence Differently
Tue Sept. 5
BBC Interns, Samuel: Professional Coach
Thu Sept. 7
ICOM President Enoch Nyador, David: National Motivator
Tue Sept. 12
Russell Grove, Solomon: Wavering Politician
Thu Sept. 14
Jeff Snell, Hezekiah: Isolated Leadership
Tue Sept. 19
Erin Johnston, Esther: Timid Influencer
Thu Sept. 21
Rebecca Hasegawa, Jeremiah: Emotive Visioneer
Tue Sept. 26
Dr. David Filbeck, Samson: Task Centered Manager
Thu Sept 28
Dr. Derek Voorhees, Prayer Posturing
October 2017: Influence in Action
Tue Oct. 3
Jeff Nichols, Spiritual Leadership in Dryness
Thu Oct. 5
Jeff Nichols, Spiritual Leadership in Brokeness
Tue Oct. 10
Jakob King, Called to Die
Thu Oct. 12
Charles Faber, Nehemiah
Thu Oct. 19
Camp Reps, Nehemiah 2: Plan & Prepare
Tue Oct. 24
Bill Krause, Nehemiah 3: Progress
Thu Oct. 26
Josh Branham, Nehemiah 4: Opposition
Tue Oct. 31
Senior - Lance Hanbey, Nehemiah 5: Pondering Justice
November 2017: Influence in Action
Thu Nov. 2
Senior - Max Peterson, Nehemiah 6: Oppostion - Partying
Tue Nov. 7
Jessica Wilson, Nehemiah 7-9:
Thu Nov. 9
Rich Schell, Nehemiah 7-14/Ezra:
Tue Nov 14
Christ Troupis, Nehemiah: Subversive Marketplace Leader
Tue Nov 21
Danny Harrod, ICOM Chapel
Tue Nov. 28
Vance & Julie Russell, Blue Christmas
Thur Nov.30
Mickey Strong, Angels Come - Josheph Proclaims
December 2017: Influence Unexpected
Tue Dec. 5
Amber Grove, Angel Comes - Mary Proclaims
Thu De. 7
Angels Come - Shepherds Prolaim
Spring 2017
January 2017: KINGDOM Vitals
Tue Jan 17
President Terry Stine, The Kingdom is...
Thu Jan 19
Dr. Cody Christensen, The GIFT of love
Tue Jan 24
Carol Stine, The DISCIPLINE of Prayer
Thu Jan 26
Tim Nay, The DISCIPLINE of Communion
Tue Jan 31
Gary Anderson, The DISCIPLINE of Fellowship
February 2017: KINGDOM Vitals
Thu Feb 2
Mark Post, The DISCIPLINE of God’s Word
Tue Feb 7
Prof. Jessica Wilson, the PATHWAY of Music
Thu Feb 9
Prof. Chuck McCoy, the PATHWAY of Nature
Tue Feb 14
Prof. Danny Harrod, Mission Emphasis Week Introduction
Tue Feb 21
Mission Emphasis Week - Mike Schrage
Thu Feb 23
Mission Emphasis Week - Mike Schrage
Tue Feb 28
Prof. Derek Voorhees, Kingdom & Church: Defined
March 2017: KINGDOM of Priests
Thu Mar 2
John Suits, Kingdom & Church: To What End?
Tue Mar 7
Kevin Skidmore, Living Hope
Thu Mar 9
Student, Jordan Weibe, Living Stones
Tue Mar 14
Student, Evan Cookman, Living among the pagans
Tue Mar 21
Silas Moe, Priests serving in the Tabernacle
Thu Mar 23
Hunter Croft, Priests serving among the people
Tue Mar 28
David Hamilton, Priests serving through the Spirit’s power
April 2017: KINGDOM of Priests
Tue Apr 4
Paige Whitmore, Committed: Fiery Relationships
Thu Apr 6
Melissa Hartman & Nick Larsson, Committed: Fiery Comments
Tue Apr 11
Mr. Mickey Strong, Remember: The Message
Thu Apr 13
Shelby Ledford, Committed: Fiery Ordeal
Tue Apr 18
Tyler Mosier, Remember: The Opposition
Thu Apr 20
Michael Gritton, Remember: The Patience of God
Tue Apr 25
Dean of Students, Dr. Cody Christensen, King & Kingdom: Review and Wrap up
Thu Apr 27
Jenna Ellis, Student Counsel President Charge & Servant Awards
May 2017:
Tue May 2
Final Exams, No Chapel
Thu May 4
Final Exams, No Chapel
Fall 2016
August 2016: The KING is Eternal...
Tue Aug 23
President Terry Stine, The King...
Thu Aug 25
Dr. Cody Christensen, The King IS...
Tue Aug 30
Prof. Russell Grove, The King WAS...
September 2016: The KING is Eternal...
Thu Sep 1
Dr. Jon Weatherly, The King WILL BE...
Tue Sep 6
Prof. Rebecca Owens, The King is Co-Existent
Thu Sep 8
Mr. Mike Maglish, The King is Competent
Tue Sep 13
Prof. Dr. M. Ben Williams, The King is Creative
Thu Sep 15
Arron Chambers, Theology of Submission
Tue Sep 20
David Free, Theology of Compassion
Thu Sep 22
Prof. Vance Russell, The Theology of Covenant
Tue Sep 27
Prof. Rich Schell, Theology of Contemplation
October 2016: The KING is Eternal...
Thu Sep 29
Prof. Dr. Derek Voorhees, Spiritual Week Introduction
Tue Oct 4
Neil Johnston, Our Response to the King (pt. 1)
Thu Oct 6
Neil Johnston, Our Response to the King (pt. 2)
Tue Oct 11
Quentin Byers, The King is greater than the angels
Thu Oct 13
Lauren Gullett, The King gives rest
Thu Oct 20
Robert Rea, The King is greater than Moses
Tue Oct 25
Bryan Cobley, The King is greater than Joshua
Thu Oct 27
Michael Schrage, The King is greater than All
November 2016: The KING is Greater Than...
Tue Nov 1
Chris Renk, The King is High Priest
Thu Nov 3
Sam Antosh, The King is greater than apostasy
Tue Nov 8
Prof. Amber Grove, The King is greater that doubt
Thu Nov 10
Prof. Ross Knudsen, The King is greater than the Priesthood
Tue Nov 15
Wallace & Mary Kamau, The King is THE perfect sacrifice and Sanctuary
Tue Nov 22
Prof. Danny Harrod, Disciples Making Disciples
Tue Nov 29
Prof. Dale Cornett, The King is off His throne
December 2016: The KING is Greater Than...
Thu Dec 1
Prof. Dr. Derek Voorhees &
RD Tammy Christensen, The King is near our grief
Tue Dec 6
The King is near my friends
Thu Dec 8
The King is near my family
Spring 2016
January 2016: Engage - Culture
Tue Jan 19
Terry Stine, BBC President - Engaging the New Year
Thu Jan 21
Cody Christensen, BBC Student Dean - Engaging the Restoration Movement Story
Tue Jan 26
Dr. Derek Voorhees, New Testament Professor - Engage Worldview: Social Landscape
Thu Jan 28
Russell Grove, Professor of Christian Education - Engage Worldview: Pluralism/Syncretism/Materialism
February 2016: Engage - Culture
Tue Feb 2
Matt Anderson - Engage Worldview: Mormonism
Thu Feb 4
Dr. Steve Crane - Restoration Movement Ideals: Union and Truth
Tue Feb 9
John Suits - Restoration Movement Slogan: Hermeneutics
Thu Feb 11
Mike Maglish, Director of Admissions - Restoration Movement Slogan: Diversity/Sociology
Tue Feb 16
Dr. George Johnson - Restoration Movement Slogan: Membership/Anthropology
Thu Feb 18
February Recess
No Chapel
Tue Feb 23
Joe Hoover - Mission Emphasis Week
Thu Feb 25
Joe Hoover - Mission Emphasis Week
March 2016: Engage - Chaos: A Study of Revelation
Tue Mar 1
Vance Russell, Professor of Greek and New Testament - Engage Revelation: Book of Blessing
Thu Mar 3
Jamison Glazebrook, BBC Student - The Throne: The Reign of God and the Lamb
Tue Mar 8
Shelby Ledford, BBC Student - The Reality of Evil and the Empire
Thu Mar 10
Ross Knudsen, Director of Enrollment Services and Professor of History - The Temptation to Idolatry and Immorality
Tue Mar 15
Joe Lankow, BBC Student - The Call to Covenant Faithfulness and Resistance
Thu Mar 17
Jessica Wilson, Professor of Music and Worship - Worship and an Alternative Vision
Tue Mar 22
Spring Break
No Chapel
Thu Mar 24
Spring Break
No Chapel
Tue Mar 29
Rae Voska, BBC Student - Faithful Witness: The Pattern of Christ
Thu Mar 31
Scott Carpenter, BBC Student - The Immanent Judgment and Salvation/New Creation of God
April 2016: Engage - Calling
Tue Apr 5
Kaytlin Shelton, BBC Student - Engage Ancient Instruction
Thu Apr 7
Elliot Johnson, BBC Student - Engage Ancient Instruction
Tue Apr 12
Grayson Prettyman, Sadie Schell, and Crystal Thatcher, BBC Students - Engage Ancient Instruction
Thu Apr 14
Mickey Strong, Admissions Counselor - Engage Ancient Instruction
Not Available
Tue Apr 19
Danielle Barth, BBC Student - Engage Future Places
Thu Apr 21
Tim Ellis, BBC Student - Engage Future Places
Tue Apr 26
Curt Nordhielm, Outreach Coordinator - Engage Future Places
Thu Apr 28
Isaac Williams, BBC Student - Engage Future Places
May 2016: Engage - Commission
Tue May 3
Final Exams
No Chapel
Thu May 5
Final Exams
No Chapel
Fall 2015
August 2015: Engage - Campus
Tue Aug 25
Terry Stine, BBC President - Equip the Engaged
Thu Aug 27
Cody Christensen, BBC Student Dean - Engage the BBC Lifestyle
September 2015: Engage - Campus
Tue Sept 1
Chuck McCoy, Bible Professor, Engage Your Story
Thu Sep 3
Vance Russell, Engage Spiritual Growth
Tue Sep 8
Russell Grove, Professor of Christian Education - Engage Others on Campus
Thu Sep 10
Rebecca Owens, English Professor - Engage Discipleship/Mentoring
Tue Sep 15
Rich Schell, Professor of Counseling and Director of Christian Service - Engage Service
Thu Sep 17
Dr. Wayne Shaw, Professor Emeritus- Engage the Great Commission Bible
Tue Sep 22
Charles Faber, Academic Dean - Engage Academic Studies
Thu Sep 24
Jessica Wilson, Professor, Music and Worship - Engage Prayer
Not Available
Tue Sep 29
Dr. Frankland, Professor of Worship, Lincoln University - Engage Spiritual Disciplines
Not Available
October 2015: Engage City- A Study of I Corinthians
Thu Oct 1
Dr. Derek Voorhees, New Testament Professor
Not Available
Tue Oct 6
Spiritual Emphasis Week-Jim Johnson
Thu Oct 8
Spiritual Emphasis Week-Jim Johnson
Tue Oct 13
Enoch Nyador- Nat'l Schools of Missions- Engage City as the Body for Christ, I Cor 6-7
Thu Oct 15
Camp Reps 2015
Tue Oct 20
No Chapel - October Recess
Thu Oct 22
Collin Barth- Engage City as the Body of Christ, I Cor 12-14
Tue Oct 27
Andrew Bullock-Engage City with the Hope of Christ - I Cor 15
Thu Oct 29
No Chapel
November 2015: Engage Community
Tue Nov 3
ICOM Charge
Thu Nov 5
Marcus Umdahl, Pastor New Beginnings Christian Church - Theology of Service
Tue Nov 10
Bill Krause Minister of Small Groups & Discipleship, Eagle Christian Church - Theology of Evangelism
Thu Nov 12
William Bossert (Alum) Assoc Pastor, Twin Falls Community Church - Engaging our City (Boise)
Tue Nov 17
Dr. Ben Williams- Engaging the Poor and Marginalized
Thu Nov 19
Brent Captain, Salt Christian Church - Engaging the Unaware
Tue Nov 24
Mission Internships- Engaging the Unpopular
Thu Nov 26
No Chapel
December 2015: Engage Context
Tue Dec 1
Dr. Derek Voorhees-Blue Christmas Service
Not Available
Thu Dec 3
Mark Post, Family Life, Mens & Missions Minister, Eagle CC-Engaging Family Members
Tue Dec 8
Nick Duffel, Life Groups, Men's Minister, Ten Mile CC-Engaging Hometown Friends
Not Available
Thu Dec 10
Larry Osborn, Youth & Outreach Coach, LifeSpring CC-Engaging the Home Church
Tue Dec 15
No Chapel – Semester End
Thu Dec 17
No Chapel – Semester End
Spring 2015
January 2015: Equipping to Be the Church
Tue Jan 20
Frankie Ocampo
Thu Jan 22
Terry Stine, BBC President
Tue Jan 27
Cody Christensen, BBC Dean of Students
Thu Jan 29
David Davolt, Director of Development
February 2015: Equipping to Worship
Tue Feb 3
Jessica Doddek, Music Professor
Thu Feb 5
Nick Duffel, Youth Minister, Ten Mile Christian Church
Tue Feb 10
Rebecca Owens, English Professor
Thu Feb 12
David Ladd
Tue Feb 17
Danny Harrod, Missions Professor
Thu Feb 19
No Chapel - February Recess
Tue Feb 24
Missions Emphasis Week
Thu Feb 26
Missions Emphasis Week
March 2015: Equipping to Lead Others towards Christlikeness
Tue Mar 3
Erin Johnston, Biblical Studies
Thu Mar 5
Jen Ruiz- Worship
Tue Mar 10
Jacob Bush - Youth Ministry
Thu Mar 12
Jackie Cole - Children's Ministry
Tue Mar 17
Sara Feaster - Christian Teaching
Thu Mar 19
Abbie Bailey - Intercultural Studies
Tue Mar 24
Spring Break
Thu Mar 26
Spring Break
Tue Mar 31
Monique Murillo-Helping Professions
April 2015: Equipping to Be Sent Out
Thu Apr 2
Luke Emery-Preaching Ministry
Tue Apr 7
Joe Johnson-Preaching Ministry
Thu Apr 9
Preview - Kingdom Connect
Tue Apr 14
Nick Mastrude-Preaching Ministry
Thu Apr 16
Daniel Meador-Preaching Ministry
Tue Apr 21
Joel Rice-Preaching Ministry
Thu Apr 23
Kate Allen- Student Council President
Tue Apr 28
Servant Awards
Thu Apr 30
Carol Stine, Adjunct Professor
Spring 2014
January 2014: Intentional in our Identity
Tue Jan 21
Terry Stine, BBC President
Thu Jan 23
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
Thu Jan 30
Kyle Wheeler, Student, Christian Ed
February 2014: Obedient in our Identity
Thu Feb 6
Jenny Norman, Student, Biblical Studies
Thu Feb 13
Grace Hansen, Student, Intercultural Studies
Tue Feb 25
Joe Hoover, Mission Emphasis Week
Thu Feb 27
Joe Hoover, Mission Emphasis Week
March 2014: Authentic in our Identity
Thu Mar 6
Stetson McElhaney, Student, Christian Ed
Thu Mar 13
Erica Vandervoort, Student, Helping Professions
Thu Mar 20
Paul Harth, Student, Biblical Studies
April 2014: Leading in our Identity
Thu Apr 3
Brandon Swindon, Student, Christian Ed
Thu Apr 10
Jessica Doddek, Music Professor
Thu Apr 17
Joey Markealli, Student, Biblical Studies
Tue Apr 29
John Whittaker, Bible Professor
May 2014: Servant Awards
Thu May 2
Servant Awards
Fall 2013
August 2013: Infinite Identity
Tue Aug 27
Terry Stine, BBC President
Thu Aug 29
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
September 2013: United in Our Identity
Thu Sep 5
Russell Grove, Christian Ed professor
Thu Sep 12
Danny Harrod, Missions Professor
Thu Sep 19
Jair Castillo, ICOM President
Thu Sep 26
Derek Voorhees, New Testament Professor
October 2013: Joy in Our Identity
Thu Oct 3
Dr. B James McElroy
Tue Oct 8
Spiritual Emphasis Week - Shan Moyer
Thu Oct 10
Spiritual Emphasis Week - Shan Moyer
Thu Oct 17
Aaron Earlywine, Alumni
Thu Oct 24
Charles McCoy, Bible Professor
Thu Oct 31
Amber Grove, Librarian
November 2013: Glory in Our Identity
Thu Nov 7
Joe Hoover
Thu Nov 14
Thu Nov 21
Dawna Lee, English Professor
December 2013: Life in Our Identity
Thu Dec 5
Ross Knudsen, Dir of Enrollment/Professor
Thu Dec 12
Rich Schell, Counseling and Dir of Christian Service
Spring 2013
January 2013: Wonderfully Made to Worship
Tue Jan 22
Terry Stine, BBC President
Thu Jan 24
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
Thu Jan 31
Jessica Doddek, Professor
February 2013: Wonderfully Made to Love
Thu Feb 7
Josh Branham, Student
Thu Feb 14
Joe Harper, Student
Thu Feb 28
Brady Froese, Student
March 2013: Wonderfully Made to Share
Tue Mar 5
Kim Butts - Mission Emphasis Week
Thu Mar 7
Kim Butts - Mission Emphasis Week
Thu Mar 14
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
Thu Mar 21
Andrew Branham, Student
April 2013: Wonderfully Made to Lead
Thu Apr 4
Katie Harper, Student
Thu Apr 11
Jake Wright, Student
Thu Apr 18
Danika Stokes, Student
Thu Apr 25
Matt Ahearn, Student
May 2013: Wonderfully Made
Thu May 2
Will Bailey, Student
Fall 2012
August 2012: Kick off
Tue Aug 28
Terry Stine, BBC President
Thu Aug 30
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
September 2012: In His Image
Thu Sep 6
Dale Cornett, Professor
Thu Sep 13
Curt Nordhielm, BBC Staff
Thu Sep 20
Dr. Derek Voorhees, Professor
Thu Sep 27
Rich Schell, Professor
October 2012: For His Purpose
Thu Oct 4
Jim Vaughn, BBC Staff
Thu Oct 11
Spiritual Emphasis Week
Thu Oct 18
Dave and hester Christiansen, Alumni
Thu Oct 25
Dr. David Faust, Cincinnati Christian University
November 2012: For His Church
Thu Nov 1
Russell Grove, Professor
Thu Nov 8
Ross Knudsen, Professor
Thu Nov 15
Dr. John Whittaker, Professor
Thu Nov 22
Thanksgiving Break - No Chapel
Thu Nov 29
Charles Faber, Professor
December 2012: By His Love
Thu Dec 6
Danny Harrod, Professor
Thu Dec 13
Chuck McCoy, Professor
Thu Dec 20
Final Exams - No Chapel
Spring 2012
January 2012: I am His
Tue Jan 17
Terry Stine, BBC President
Thu Jan 19
Prayer Service
Tue Jan 24
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
Thu Jan 26
Dr. John Whittaker, Professor
Tue Jan 31
Chris Holohan
February 2012: I am Yours
Thu Feb 2
Russell Grove, Professor
Tue Feb 7
Robert Penna, Student
Thu Feb 9
Derek Voorhees, Professor
Tue Feb 14
Ross Knudsen, Professor
Thu Feb 16
February Recess
Tue Feb 21
Rich Schell, Professor
Thu Feb 23
Cody Cade, Student
Tue Feb 28
Breann Soucie and Sarah Curley, Students
March 2012: I am Theirs
Thu Mar 1
Stacey Harder, Student
Tue Mar 6
Crossing Guards
Thu Mar 8
Danny Harrod, Professor
Tue Mar 13
Mission Emphasis Week
Thu Mar 15
Mission EMphasis Week
Tue Mar 20
Marie Doescher, Student
Thu Mar 22
Communion Service
Tue Mar 27
Spring Break
Thu Mar 29
Spring Break
April 2012: I am Ready
Tue Apr 3
Chuck McCoy, Professor
Thu Apr 5
Mark Thometz, Student
Tue Apr 10
Ryan Grove, Student
Thu Apr 12
Preview at Foothills Christian Church
Tue Apr 17
Brent Trick, Student
Thu Apr 19
Dale Cornett, Professor
Tue Apr 24
Servant Awards
Thu Apr 26
Loren Brenner, Student
Fall 2011
August 2011: Kick off
Tue Aug 23
Terry Stine, BBC President
Thu Aug 25
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
Tue Aug 30
Derek Voorhees, Professor
September 2011: I am God
Thu Sep 1
Chuck McCoy, Professor
Tue Sep 6
Russell Grove, Professor
Thu Sep 8
Marcus Omdahl, New Beginnings Christian Church
Tue Sep 13
Jakob King, Student Council
Thu Sep 15
Joe Harper, Student Council
Tue Sep 20
Jim Kirby, University Christian Church
Thu Sep 22
Mike Yunker
Tue Sep 27
Daro Thol, Alumni
Thu Sep 29
Kevin Skidmore, Boise Church of Christ
October 2011: I am Your God
Tue Oct 4
Dr. John Whittaker, Professor
Thu Oct 6
Brandon Howland, Foothills Christian Church
Thu Oct 13
Alex Eddy, Cincinnati Bible Seminary
Tue Oct 18
October Recess - No Chapel
Thu Oct 20
Ross Knudsen, Professor
Tue Oct 25
Spiritual Emphasis Week
Thu Oct 27
Spiritual Emphasis Week
November 2011: I am Their God
Tue Nov 1
Danny Harrod, Professor
Thu Nov 3
Carol Stine, Professor
Tue Nov 8
Rich Schell, Professor
Thu Nov 10
Paul Boatman, Lincoln Christian College
Thu Nov 22
Tue Nov 24
Thanksgiving Break, No Chapel
Thu Nov 29
Mike Hogan, International Justice Mission
December 2011: I am Here
Thu Dec 1
Mike Sweeney, Alumni
Tue Dec 6
Dale Cornett, Professor
Thu Dec 8
Drama Class
Tue Dec 13
Final Exams
Thu Dec 15
Final Exams
Spring 2011
January 2011: Set Apart to Commit
Wed Jan 19
Terry Stine, BBC President
Fri Jan 21
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
Wed Jan 26
Marcus Omdahl
Fri Jan 28
Daro Thol, Alumni
February 2011: Set Apart to Love
Wed Feb 2
Morgan Mascall, Student
Fri Feb 4
Kyle and Amanda Stair, Students
Wed Feb 9
Missions Emphasis Week (Abbie DeWelt)
Fri Feb 11
Missions Emphasis Week (Abbie DeWelt)
Wed Feb 16
Creative Chapel Service
Fri Feb 18
February Recess - No Chapel
Wed Feb 23
David Empson
Fri Feb 25
Danny Harrod, Professor
March 2011: Set Apart to Lead
Wed Mar 2
Tim MacSaveny, Pioneer Bible Translators
Fri Mar 4
John Whittaker, Professor
Wed Mar 9
Russell Grove, Professor
Fri Mar 11
Jacob Vaden, Student
Wed Mar 16
Creative Chapel Service
Fri Mar 18
Frank Ocampo, Student
Wed Mar 23
Will Bossert, Student
Fri Mar 25
Katie Morris, Student
Wed Mar 30
Spring Break - No Chapel
April 2011: Set Apart to be Bold
Fri Apr 1
Spring Break - No Chapel
Wed Apr 6
Caleb Morris, Student
Fri Apr 8
Dale Cornett, Professor
Wed Apr 13
Jordan Carter, Student
Fri Apr 15
Ben Smith
Wed Apr 20
Jen Shelton, Student
Fri Apr 22
Seth Bailey, Student
Wed Apr 27
Will Nockles, Student
Fri Apr 29
Servant Awards
Fall 2010
August 2010: Kick off
Wed Aug 25
Terry Stine, BBC President
Fri Aug 27
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
September 2010: Set Apart Your Mind
Wed Sep 1
Brandon Howland, Foothills Christian Church
Fri Sep 3
Greg Crawford, Commit Ministries
Wed Sep 8
BBC Campus Reps
Fri Sep 10
Dale Cornett, Professor
Wed Sep 15
Creative Chapel
Fri Sep 17
Brandon Howland, Foothills Christian Church
Wed Sep 22
Russell Grove, Professor
Fri Sep 24
Rick Page
Wed Sep 29
Chuck McCoy, Professor
October 2010: Set Apart Your Body
Fri, Oct 1
Travis Jacob, Dean of Students
Wed Oct 6
Doug Reed, LATM
Fri Oct 8
Dr. John Whittaker, Professor
Wed Oct 13
Creative Chapel
Fri Oct 15
Dave Harmon, Lincoln Seminary
Wed Oct 20
No Chapel
Fri Oct 22
Charles Faber, Professor, Academic Dean
Wed Oct 27
Spiritual Emphasis Week (Loren Brenner, Student
Fri Oct 29
Spiritual Emphasis Week (Travis Blair, Student)
November 2010: Set Apart Your Soul
Wed Nov 3
Dr. John Whittaker and Danny Harrod, Professors
Fri Nov 5
Dr. John Whittaker and Danny Harrod, Professors
Wed Nov 10
Dr. Jim Byerly, Professor
Fri Nov 12
Dan Daughtery
Wed Nov 17
Creative Chapel
Fri Nov 19
Student Service
Wed Nov 124
Thanksgiving Break, No Chapel
Fri Nov 26
Thanksgiving Break, No Chapel
December 2010: Set Apart Your Heart
Wed Dec 1
Rich Schell, Professor
Fri Dec 23
Seth King
Wed Dec 8
BBC Drama Team
Fri Dec 10
Creative Chapel
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