Resident Director Tammy Christensen

Tammy Christensen is the Resident Director at BBC. The Christensen Family lives on campus, which makes her accessible to students. She has her B.B.L. in Psychology, M.S. in Community Counseling, M.A.T in Elementary Education, and Ed.S. in Community Counseling. She has served various places, but right now she serves as the RD, and teaches some psychology courses at BBC.

RA Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor is a junior this year at BBC studying Worship Ministry. His greatest accomplishment is breaking his ankle his first time on a longboard. BOOM!

RA Jacob Hartman

Jacob Hartman is a junior this year at BBC studying Preaching Ministry with a Minor in Greek. His greatest accomplishment is learning how to tie a bow tie!

RA Kim Harmon

My name is Kimberlee Harmon and I am a sophomore at BBC and studying in the Helping Professions. My greatest accomplishment is winning a shotgun at a raffle for the school for $25! If that is unacceptable then my greatest accomplishment is starting an Avengers team at BBC!

RA Megan York

Megan is a junior this year at BBC getting her BS in Family Ministry. Her greatest accomplishment was becoming the ASB President of her high school and being gifted mold by a graduate of BBC. .

Boise Bible College offers on-campus dormitories for single students. BBC does not have married student dorms. There are RV space and hookups available on campus as well as apartments and duplexes are available nearby.

Each unit has its own bathroom or shares one with another unit. Rooms are furnished with bunk beds, desks, dressers, closets, and chairs. Check the student Handbook on more information about ‘what to bring’.

Our RA Team works hard to serve students in the dormitories. Dorm devotions for spiritual encouragement take place and activities to help foster community throughout the semester.

Housing Policies:

All single students are required to live in the College dormitories, unless:

  • The student is twenty-one (21) or older.
  • The student is a junior or senior who maintains a CGPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • The student is living with parents.
  • The student is enrolled for less than eight (8) hours of credit.
  • The student's employment requires off-campus residency, and has received clearance from the Dean of Students before enrolling.

Please note that all housing assignments are subject to approval by the Dean of Students, and that all exemptions must be approved in advance.

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